MILLENNIALS: Are you planning your roadmap to retirement?

For many millennials, the reality of the economy is catching up with those aged between 24 and 40.

Although they may just be buying – or saving to buy – their first home, their retirement not too far in the future, maybe somewhere in the early years of 2050.

And as we always say, the sooner you ‘map’ or start preparing for retirement, the better off you’ll be.

When surveyed, millennials want to retire earlier than previous generations and are looking for a different type of retirement – more travel while still enjoying and keep casual or part-time work, but only if they enjoy it!

How to afford this? As previous generations have done, millennials must take control of their superannuation, and (as above!) the sooner, the better.

One of the first steps is to consolidate all super accounts and where possible to make extra contributions.

It’s then a matter of working closely with our team at Acumon Accountants & Business Advisors to make sure your superannuation stays on track.

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